Scripture and Scholars say...

1 Ki. 14:15, God “shall scatter” Israel “beyond the river,” not all in one place.

2 Ki. 10:32, “In those days the Lord began to cut off parts of Israel...” –before their final complete exile.

2 Ki. 17:6, The Assyrian king “captured Samaria and exiled Israel”

Deut. 29:28, “cast them into another land, as it is this day”

Isa. 5:26 “the end of the earth”

Isa. 11:11-12, “the four corners of the earth”

Isa. 27:13 (Vulgate), “those lost from the land of Assyria”

Isa. 49:9, “say to the prisoners, Go forth; to them that are in darkness, Show yourselves.” An address to the lost ten tribes according to Jewish midrash “Pesikta Rabbati 31:10”

Isa. 49:21, (Ten Tribes:) “where had they been?”

Jer. 15:4, “I will cause them to be removed into all kingdoms of the earth”

Hos. 2:14, “I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness,” not a return to Canaan.

Hos. 8:8, “Israel is swallowed up now among the nations”

Hos. 9:17, “wanderers among the nations”

Ezra 1:15, ONLY “Judah and Benjamin” returned; remaining ten tribes did not return

“Israel and Judah... developed more or less independent of the other, Israel in the north and Judah in the south; and only gradually did circumstances bring them together, and then came the inevitable clash of interests, religious as well as political.” –"Hebrew Origins," Theophile James Meek, 1936, p.76

“Israel as a kingdom was never restored from Assyria, as Judah was from Babylon after 70 years.” –Jamieson, Faucett, Brown Commentary, p.650

“There never was a real return from the exile, although some individuals doubtless returned...the captivity of Israel did not actually terminate at 538 [B.C.], nor, in fact, ever.” –Geo. Ricker Berry, Colgate-Rochester Divinity School, “Was Ezekiel in the Exile?” pp.89, 92 (Journal of Biblical Literature 49 (1930)

“Many of the towns in southern Judah and Simeon were not reoccupied after the exile. This process was quite as disastrous as it is portrayed in the Old Testament...” –Thos. Davis, “Shifting Sands,” Oxford Univ. Press, 2004

“That the Redeemer comes ‘from Zion’ [Isa. 59:20] for Israel implies that Israel is in exile...” –G.K. Beale and D.A. Carson, “Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament,” Baker Academic, 2007, p.674

“The exile, into all lands, among all nations, was as irrevocably decreed as was the destruction of the city.” –Charles C. Torrey, Yale University, Journal of Biblical Literature 56 (1937), p.206

“...the returnees came only from the tribes of Judah and Benjamin —the exiles in Babylon. The ten tribes did not return...the loss of the [ten] tribes marked the greatest demographic defeat inscribed in Jewish memory since Biblical times.” –Zvi Ben-Dor Benite, “The Ten Lost Tribes: A World History,” Oxford Univ. Press, 2009, pp.17, 117

“Evidently it was a token return...” –Frank Moore Cross, Harvard University, “A Reconstruction Of The Judean Restoration,” Journal of Biblical Literature 94 (1975), p.15

“The tree of Israel, grown from one root with various branches, was cut into pieces.” –John Calvin, cited in Boer, “John Calvin,” pp. 190-191

“The ten [tribes] which had previously been carried away being scattered among the Parthians, Medes, Indians, and Ethiopians never returned to their native country, and are to this day held under the sway of barbarous nations.” –Sulpitius Severus (circa. 360-420 A.D.), Severus, Sacred History, bk ii, ch. Ii, in Schaff, et al., transl. Sulpitius Severus

“Jewish people often thought that ten of the twelve tribes were lost and would be restored only in the end time.” –Craig Keener, “A Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew,” Eerdmans, 1999, p.315

The ten tribes’ not returning opened “a huge wound that does not heal.” –Talmudic Haga, Sefer Ha-Berit Ha-Hadash

"The prophecy of a restored and reunited Israel and Judah...was never actually to be fulfilled... Intransigence on the part of both...produced separate and irreconcilable societies that were never able to reunite." -Bruce Vawter, "Amos, Hosea, Micah, With An Introduction To Classical Prophecy," p.81






Yair Davidy

Yair Davidy is an Orthodox Jewish author, researcher, and scholar living in Jerusalem, Israel. He is author of numerous books and articles dealing with the Two Houses of Israel. Below are reviews of two of his signature works. Information on his ministry and obtaining his books is available below.


The Gentile Children of Israel

by Yair Davidi

The Location of Lost Israelite Tribes in the West According to the Bible,
Jewish and non-Jewish Tradition, and General Fact

Ephraim: Revised Edition
Russell-Davis Publishers, 1995, 2001, Israel

         Ephraim reveals new evidence proving that very many peoples of
British and West European origin are of ancient Hebrew origin. They are
usually unaware of this fact and have lost knowledge of their identity.
Ephraim emphasizes Jewish and other sources. It contains several important
revelations: Ephraim utilizes Historical and Archaeological evidence and
Biblically-based Criteria. These standards on a comparative scale help us
determine which peoples are of Israelite origin and which are not. The
Criteria Are:
1. Blessings: Economic and Physical Blessings as promised to Israel in
2. Indications of Scripture: Biblical Evidence predicting whereto the Lost
Ten Tribes would go, what type of religion and government they would have,
3. Groundwork: Historical, Archaeological, and Related Proofs showing paths
of migration.
4. Judah: Empathy for the Jews and a Relative Lack of Anti-Semitism when
compared with others.
5. Originality: Innovation and Intellect: A minimal degree of national
Intellectual Wisdom and Honesty.
6. Bravery: Proven Military Prowess in the past at least and at present in
7. Empathy: The Doing of Social Justice.

         Despite many exceptions, on the whole peoples of British and West
European descent meet these requirements and they are the only ones who do.

Some of the other subjects covered by Ephraim  are:

         Ancient Arab sources of Jewish inspiration said that the Lost Ten
Tribes were in France and Britain. The Arabs referred to the Lost Northern
Israelites as the Sons of Ad who, they believed, had been blown away to
"The Happy Isles of the West". This  meant, according to Classical
Literature, to the British Isles. Some of the Arab-related Kedarite sons of
Ishmael, migrated to North America which is therefore called "Kedar" in the
Bible and recalled together with the Lost Ten Tribes in the End Times.
         An analysis of the Prophecy of Isaiah (chapter 49) proves that
exiled Israel is in the Western Isles, etc. meaning Britain and America.
Based on Isaiah was a Midrash concerning Three Places of Exile to which the
Lost Ten Tribes were to be led: The three places were:- The River
Sambation; Daphne of Antiochea; and Beneath the Cloud of Darkness. These
terms are shown to describe actual locations along migratory paths leading
to western Europe, Britain, and even North America.

         The Prophet Jeremiah (in chapter.31) exhorted Israel to establish
stone monuments to indicate their path of movement away from the Holy Land
and the way they are destined to return. [This interpretation is in
accordance with traditional Rabbinical Commentary]. The necessary trails of
stone-monuments exist. They demonstrate the movement of peoples between
Israel and West Europe. They help to identify the said peoples with Israel.
Jeremiah and other prophets predicted the future re-unification of Judah
(the Jews) with the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel i.e. Britain, America and
some of the West European nations. A king from the House of David will rule
over them. Monarchs from the line of David were recorded in Scythian
Sakastan in Ancient Persia. From this region came part of the Anglo-Saxon
monarchs and aristocracy as well as those of the later Dutch and
Scandinavians including the Normans.

         In Biblical Prophecy as demonstrated by The Book Of Obadiah and
explained through Talmudic sources, the descendants of Edom are equated
with peoples in Europe. The Talmud says that Joseph is the only one capable
of completely defeating Edom! According to Rabbinical Commentators on the
Biblical Book of Obadiah, the Lost Ten Tribes are located in France,
Britain, and the North. The North Americans and kindred nations of British
descent come from Joseph. The Hebrew Bible says expressly that at some
stage Judah (i.e. the present-day Jews) and "Ephraim" will be re-united.
Together they will transfer the Palestinians by air-flight to somewhere in
the west.

         The Prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah describe the Lost Ten Tribes in
the Latter Days as practicing a form of Christianity: They must, therefore,
be sought for amongst those Christian nations who most fully meet other
given signs of identification. This leads directly to peoples of West
European and especially British origin. Rabbinical sources show Judah and
the Lost Ten Tribes to be complementary parts of a whole. They have a need
of each other. The re-unification of Judah with the Lost Ten Tribes is
necessary in order to rebuild the Holy Temple.

         The cover of Ephraim depicts the red-andwhite Tudor Rose which is
an official symbol of Britain. An ancient work of traditional Jewish
spiritual contemplation based on the Bible, The Zohar, described a rose
with those colors as representing Israel. Jewish tradition described the
Lost Ten Tribes, headed by Ephraim, in terms that fit America and Britain
and no other party.
         Ephraim proves that the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel are amongst the
western nations. The evidence consists of Arab and Jewish traditions,
Midrashim, nomenclature, the path of the dolmens, the meaning of names and
Biblical prophecy, history, legends, sociology, science, and other
disciplines. Much of the research is original. Very important and
conclusive proofs are presented. Ephraim imparts knowledge of great
importance. Ephraim contains validly referenced proofs that can be
verified. Facts revealed in Ephraim include Egyptian and Phoenician reports
of Australia and New Zealand and the presence of ancient Israelites and
Arabians in North America. The Prophet Isaiah predicted that one of the
places from which the Lost Israelites would return is Australia. The
information contained within is mostly unavailable elsewhere.

Ephraim has an Approbation from Rabbi Avraham Feld who speaks very strongly
about the moral imperative we all have to spread the Brit-Am message.

Ephraim has 300 pages.

EPHRAIM may be obtained from:

Yair Davidy
P.O.Box 595
Jerusalem 91004



The Israelite Destiny of America

by Yair Davidi Russell-Davis Publishers, 5761, 2001, Israel

         Blessings given to the Children of Israel were epitomized most strongly in the Tribes of Ephraim and Menasseh. Ephraim dominates Britain and her daughters, Menasseh is pre-eminent in the USA.

         New evidence is produced showing how the Tribal names of peoples who settled in Britain and later in America were those of the Ancient Israelite Tribes of Ephraim and Menasseh, the sons of Joseph.

         The Hebrew meaning of the name Ephraim connotes a system of aristocracy such as that prevailing in Britain. The meaning of Menasseh in Hebrew is Responsible Representation such as that practiced in the USA.
Nevertheless, a portion of Ephraim is in America and some of Menasseh remains in Britain.

         Rabbinical Tradition from an early date or based on very early sources described the Tribes of Joseph in the End Times. The descriptions can only fit Britain and North America.

         An historical-sociological case study of entire areas in the USA is analyzed in the light of Biblical Commentary and tradition. This enables us to trace a clan of Menasseh to specific areas of the USA. People who
migrated to America from Germany were not German but Hebrews who had kept themselves apart. The Prophet Isaiah foresaw Britain ruling India and Egypt. He also predicted that Africans would be brought as slaves to
America. The Israelites of North America will be redeemed before all the other Lost Tribes.

         Joseph has a Recommendation and an Appendix from Rabbi Avraham Feld who explains the value of Orthodox Rabbinical Tradition in revealing the Israelite Identity of the Lost Ten Tribes.

         Joseph has 280 pages. Joseph places an emphasis on the Israelite origins of the American people.

         Joseph may be obtained from:

         Yair Davidy
         P.O.Box 595
         Jerusalem 91004

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